‘Employee engagement’ is more than a corporate buzz term. To enhance your business culture – as well as your bottom line – here’s what you need to know.

Engaged employees take responsibility for their performance. They take responsibility for their jobs. They take responsibility for their company. What’s more they are happier, have greater job satisfaction and are more determined to muck in. That level of emotional investment can transform your business.

And the research backs it up.

Numerous studies have attempted to quantify the benefits of an engaged workforce. The headlines from the research are that businesses with engaged employees have 17% more productivity and 21% higher profitability. You can also expect something like a 41% reduction in absenteeism.

In short: employee engagement means happy staff and a healthy business. So here’s how you do it…

Remember: purpose is a powerful thing

Employees who are aware of their purpose are more motivated. Make sure everyone understands exactly what their role is, why it’s important and how it contributes to the success of the business. If you make people feel like an invisible cog in the machine, they will perform like it. But when you empower them to think more broadly about their work, you endow them with meaning. People like having purpose. Give it to them.

Give your staff clear targets

People also like having something to work towards. Set clear KPIs and targets for each member of your team and make them accountable for their own performance. Review performance frequently. That means quarterly or six-monthly intervals.

Invest in training and personal development

You workforce is there to be nurtured and developed, not worked into the ground. Show that you care about their careers and personal development. If you invest in them, they will invest in you. It’s the law of reciprocity.

Reward them

There’s something uniquely uninspiring, upsetting and demotivating about good performance going unrecognised. If someone is doing something well, make them feel good about it. And if they are hitting their KPIs and targets, reward them – either financially or through days out.

Listen, listen and listen

A good way to make your employees feel about one-inch tall is to instil a culture where their voice isn’t heard. It’s also a neat way to shield yourself from ideas that could improve your business. Everyone in your workforce – from bottom to top – needs to know that they have an outlet to share ideas and air grievances.

Connect outside of the office

Connecting with one another outside the office helps to foster a stronger sense of togetherness and shared purpose. Gather up your team and enjoy a day out of the office every quarter or so to try something new. A change of scenery is great for recharging the batteries – especially when done at a unique team-building venue.

Searching for that special somewhere?

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