Looking for ways to boost your business with an event that gets tongues wagging and everyone knowing your name? Our team of experts are here to help.

Whether you’re looking to improve brand awareness, generate new business or increase profits, there are so many great ways to boost your business. Customer loyalty schemes, social media competitions and running a series of email campaigns are just a few but chances are that you’re already doing some, if not all of these.

If you’re looking for a fun, interesting, engaging and effective way to boost your business, why not host an event? Here’s why…

It will attract PR attention

You don’t have to be the latest batch of contestants from Love Island to get column inches (although it probably will help). By hosting an event and inviting members of the local media, photographers and bloggers, you can open the door to some serious brand-boosting PR coverage.

Make sure you document the build-up and your actual event avidly on your social media pages. Even come up with a hashtag as this will help to spread the word and encourage people to post their own content on their pages.

It enables you to grow your network

Trying to grow your network by contacting people via email or sending out LinkedIn requests can grow tiresome very quickly and prove largely fruitless.

Events however, are a great way to grab people’s attention, turn them into valuable connections and of course, boost your business. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to engage with experienced professionals in your line of work. Not only are they more likely to turn into paying customers, it also allows you to gain some expert advice from those who have been in the industry for longer.

You have people’s undivided attention

You’ve plied your guests with food, drink and great chat and now it’s your time to shine. Plan a brief presentation where you can let your attendees know more about you and your business. This is a rare opportunity to get so many people’s undivided attention so be sure to highlight what makes you special. Make your brand accessible and engage with attendees so you can get them excited about whatever it is you have to offer.

You’re offering an experience

One of the many reasons events can really help to boost your business is because of the experience you’re offering. You have a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with your customers on a personal level and more importantly, to market to them directly.

They’ll get to see your products or services first-hand and meet the person behind the business. This creates a memorable impression and establishes a relationship you can’t achieve through any other form of marketing.

Remember to make a good impression

You want your event to be memorable so make sure you book a venue that’s going to make a great impression. Consider accessibility, location and the facilities available.

Hosting off-site events also takes the pressure off you because you don’t have to worry about running out of prosecco, serving canapes or technology failing you.

The Twickenham Stoop is a great place to host your next event. As well as providing a unique and memorable experience, we have more than 40 different rooms available to hire with a range of options for different types of events. What’s more, we’ll take care of everything for you so all you have to do is turn up.

For more information about hosting an event with Harlequins, please feel free to get in touch with our events team and we’ll be more than happy to help.