We’re all familiar with the usual New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, eat healthy, get fit, quit smoking and save money. If you’re looking for something a bit different this year, why not think about ways to enhance your career?

Below we reveal some great New Year’s resolutions for business professionals and how you can ensure you stick to them.


New Year’s resolutions for business professionals 

Whether you’re looking to boost your own career or get more out of your employees, below are some great ways to do exactly this in 2020.


Improve your work/life balance

This may seem counter-intuitive if you’re trying to focus more on your career but remember, neither you nor your staff can give 100% if you’re over-worked, stressed out and tired.

Take a lunch break, make the most of your holiday entitlement and try not to check emails in the evenings or weekends. Ensure your staff get the memo about this as well. If you’re contacting employees out-of-hours, you’re creating an ‘always on’ culture which is going to lead to burn-out pretty quickly.


Learn something new

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about gaining a new qualification, you want to improve your skillset or simply learn how to use that complicated computer system once and for all. The New Year is a great time to work on self-development and learn something new which can really help to boost your career.

It’s also a really good idea to encourage your employees to do the same. Lack of growth and development opportunities is one of the top reasons people leave their jobs which means it’s easy to avoid if you support your employees in this area.


Set goals

If you feel like another year has gone by in a flash and you didn’t accomplish what you wanted, now is the time to set goals. Whether they’re individual work targets or you’re a business owner and have high hopes for the company in 2020, the best way to ensure you achieve them is to set goals.

Here are some top tips for effective goal setting.

By now you should hopefully have some great ideas for New Year’s resolutions for business professionals. Now the tricky bit – sticking to them.


How we can help…

The New Year can be a difficult time for everyone. The celebrations are over, it’s cold and dark outside and the workload has piled up over the holidays. If everyone needs a bit of a boost, why not host an offsite meeting?

As well as giving yourself and your employees a pick-me-up, it can also help with your resolutions. Getting out the office for a day or two encourages that work/life balance and being in a new environment can re-invigorate everyone. It also provides the perfect opportunity to set goals for 2020 and learn something new which is great for boosting morale and motivation.

Get in contact for help planning your next offsite meeting. With more than 40 different rooms available as well as equipment hire and catering facilities, we can help you plan the perfect event with no hassle or stress.