Meetings are an integral part of the running of any business. From brainstorming new ideas and planning for the coming year to discussing budgets and bringing teams closer together, your offsite meeting is providing benefits you’re probably not even aware of.

In this article, we look at why businesses really looking to wow clients or employees head over to the home of Harlequins rugby team, the Twickenham Stoop.


Benefit 1: Offsite Meetings Boost Productivity

Offsite meetings provide employees with a welcome change of scenery which can really help to boost motivation, creativity and morale. An American study has in fact found that 63% of attendees find offsite meetings more productive than onsite meetings.

Hosting your meetings away from your usual environment also reduces the likelihood of interruptions. Away from the workplace, people aren’t getting dragged away to help with unexpected issues or phone calls.


Benefit 2: Offsite Meetings Create the Feeling of Importance 

When you’re planning your business objectives for the following year or discussing financial matters, you need your employees to take you seriously. An offsite meeting implies real importance which helps teams stay focused and respect the agenda that’s in place.

By whisking your employees off to a desirable location and providing a nice lunch, it also helps them to feel like a valued member of staff which again can help to boost morale and motivation.


Benefit 3: Offsite Meetings Impress Clients

… especially when they’re at the right venue.

Whether you’re trying to win new business or impress an existing client, an offsite meeting is a great way to do this. Not only does it show that you’re willing to make an effort, it takes the pressure off so you can focus on the important topics being covered.

If you’re stressed out because the Wi-Fi won’t connect or lunch hasn’t arrived, you’re going to be distracted. This stops you from giving clients the full attention they deserve which could reflect badly on your brand. Let someone else take care of all these issues and you can sit back and wow your clients with the things that are truly important.

When you host your offsite meeting at Harlequins, we provide all the facilities you need to ensure the day runs smoothly. From food and beverages to LCD projectors, flipcharts, Wi-Fi, pens and notepads, all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the day.


To find out more about hosting your next event at Harlequins, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.