January is a great time to hold a staff conference in which you can update your employees about your aims and goals for the company in 2020. One of the first questions you’re likely to ask yourself however, is ‘where should I host my annual staff briefing?’

Here we discuss some of the most popular options along with the pros and cons of each.


In The Office

Simple, straightforward and everyone knows where it is.

The pros of holding a work meeting on-site include:

  • You don’t have to pay to rent a venue
  • Employees don’t have to worry about how they’re going to get there or if they can find it
  • You know where all the equipment is and how to use it


  • It’s hard to get people to take on-site meetings seriously because they may not realise it’s any different to your usual updates
  • Employees can easily get distracted with phone calls and other work-related tasks when you’re in the office


A Local Restaurant

One of the most effective ways of luring employees to a staff meeting is with the promise of good food.

As well as ensuring everyone is well-fed other benefits of heading to a restaurant include:

  • You don’t have to worry about organising the catering
  • By paying to take your employees out to lunch, you’re showing that they’re a valued member of staff


  • Unless you have the option to hire a private section, a restaurant can be very distracting
  • It can work out very expensive depending on how many employees you have
  • If there’s alcohol on offer, people are likely to take full advantage of this and then struggle to focus on the work meeting


Team Building Exercises

Many companies choose to incorporate their annual staff briefing with a team away day. You may do some activities in the morning followed by lunch and then the meeting.


  • It’s a great way to get employees to bond and improve the company culture
  • It encourages people to talk to people they wouldn’t normally
  • Boosts morale


  • By the time you get to the staff meeting, people may be too tired to focus properly
  • After doing something energetic, it can be hard to get people to settle down again


A Specialist Conference and Events Centre

There are plenty of venues which cater especially for companies looking to hold a work meeting off-site. Some of the benefits of this option include:

  • People will take the meeting seriously
  • Someone else takes care of all the planning for you so you can focus on getting everything prepared for your staff meeting
  • Heading somewhere different can help boost creativity and productivity
  • No distractions


  • You need to consider parking and nearby transport links
  • Not all venues will have adequate technology and wireless… depending on how high-tech you want those Powerpoints to be!


Hosting Your Staff Conference at Harlequins  

Here at Harlequins, we’re not just good at rugby. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re also experts when it comes to hosting conferences, meetings and other events.

We have a number of unique meeting rooms to suit groups and budgets of all sizes, we’re surrounded by excellent transport links, we offer complimentary parking for delegates, free WiFi, all the electronic equipment you need and we can also take care of all your catering needs.

Find out how to host your staff conference here or get in touch for further information.