Forget clichéd team building activities such as ‘trust falls’ and ‘two truths and a lie’. Here are four ideas that will actually make your team feel inspired, energised and valued.

Time to ditch the clichéd team building activities

There’s a reason the prospect of team building activities makes so many people squirm with discomfort. The activities seem to rely on prescribed awkwardness to try to build morale. Events are staged – and fun by formula is rarely enjoyable. Some people just aren’t into the unique brand of silliness that seems to accompany most corporate team building events.

But what if there was another way?

What is the main purpose of team building?

Let’s get back to basics. A good team building event is about taking a break from the demands of working life, reminding staff that they are valued and showing your team that they are part of something bigger than their individual jobs. That’s how you boost morale, inspire positive change and get your people performing. Imposing the completion of banal challenges that have nothing to do with the roles of your staff won’t cut the mustard. Think more in terms of reward.

What are the most popular types of team building activities?

It’s time to buck the trend. You want to lay on team building activities that actually inspire your team to perform. A good place to start is to turn your back on the most popular team building activities. No more blindfolded trust falls. No more sweaty-handed human knots. No more indulging the boundary-crossing intimacy of passing a grapefruit from one person to another without using your hands or arms. And trust us, you can’t embarrass your workforce into productivity by forcing them to dance in front of their colleagues.

Here are five more original – and less cringe-inducing – ideas for team building activities that get results.

  1. Outdoor games day

It’s summer. Get outside. Whether it’s a game of rounders, ultimate Frisbee, tag rugby or even an entire day of escapades, a little sport can work wonders for bonding your team. Thank the endorphins. And when the blood gets pumping, creativity starts flowing too. If you’re looking for a private space to play, we have somewhere we think you will enjoy.

  1. A painting class

Lots of jobs are seen as mathematical or analytical in nature: data science, accountancy and software engineering, for example. But all jobs require a degree of problem-solving. Engaging a different part of your employees’ brains with a creative and highly visual exercise such as a painting class can help them to find new and novel ways to approach their everyday duties. Get some different synapses firing.

  1. Cooking or cocktail class

Your staff give the majority of their waking days to your business. Help them level up their personal life with a cooking or cocktail class. Hands-on, practical learning is a great way for a team to bond. And food and drink is a language that everyone can understand.

  1. Group drumming workshop

There’s something incredibly energising, unifying and downright fun about a group drumming session. It’s tribal. There are plenty of companies out there who have the gear and guidance that you need to get going. And just imagine the sound of your drums thundering around one of the most famous stadiums in world rugby. The acoustics are great, trust us. Bring on the polyrhythms.

What are the benefits of team building activities?

Are team building activities worth the effort? Of course! Your staff are your biggest asset. When they feel engaged and excited about their jobs it improves your productivity, your culture and their work ethic. All of which have a tangible impact on your bottom line.

Looking for a venue with a difference?

A different kind of venue inspires a different kind of thinking. Escape the humdrum hotel lounges and check in to a venue that gets your people inspired. At the Twickenham Stoop we can support with a range of outdoor/ indoor team-building activities, including motivational sessions with our Business Academy as well as external team-building companies.