Searching for team building ideas that will really inspire your staff? You may want to consider getting outside. Allow us to explain why.

The benefits of getting your team outside

You know what they say: a change is as good as a rest. But the benefits of getting your team outside extend way beyond office escapology. Numerous studies have pointed to the health benefits of getting out in the green expanse of the great outdoors. Reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved immunity and enhanced focus are science-backed benefits. Even looking at the colour green can enhance creativity. And one study proclaims that a 20 minute break outside is equivalent to quaffing a cup of coffee. Who said you can’t pluck ideas out of thin air?

The takeaway? Getting outside in the right environment will bring more focus and creativity to your team, while reducing stress and promoting calm. That’s perfect for team building events.


Outside vs Inside: team building, sans building

So there you have it. Fresh air will breathe life into your team building ideas – and that’s backed by science. Of course, nobody wants to be outdoors when it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold. (Apart from some people.) But during the spring and summer months it really is worth considering gathering up your team and heading outside. Whether it’s a visit to the local park, a forest walk or somewhere with serious wow factor.

Team building activities for people with disabilities

Another benefit of being outdoors? There are far fewer access concerns to navigate for people with disabilities and mobility restrictions. And while a forest hike may be off the cards, if you choose your outdoor venue sagaciously you can make sure your team building event is one of inclusivity. A day that every member of your team can enjoy.


Looking for a venue with a difference?

Here at Harlequins, we know a thing or two about building a team. And it just so happens that we have a spectacularly unique outside space for you to use: the turf of our hallowed rugby club. Or for a smaller gathering, how about the South West Corner? Take your pick. And get ready for a uniquely inspiring backdrop for your team building day – a backdrop that excites your team as much as it does ours.